Looking for the perfect wheel alignment to give your auto repair customers the smoothest ride possible? Ask us about Rotary wheel alignment systems today!

Rotary R1080 Wheel Aligner


The R1080 can be used with any four post or scissor lift. Its portable aligner console provides the ultimate convenience because you can position it anywhere within the bay—which means you don’t need a dedicated bay to use the machine. And the Bluetooth transmission between the front measuring heads and the control unit maximizes workspace because of its lack of obstacles and obstructions.

  • No minimum distance in front of the lift

  • Fixed cameras and exclusive 3D targets

  • Self-centering three-point clamps

  • Automatic lift level compensation

  • Bluetooth communication

  • Can be used on multiple lifts

Rotary 1060 Wheel Aligner


The 1060 Professional Wheel Aligner offers total drive wireless efficiency. All the characteristic angles of both vehicle axles are controlled by means of four measuring heads with 8 CCD sensors and infra-red transmission. The wheeled control unit houses computer, printer and battery charger. Open cabinet stores clamps and accessories. Pair of self-centering 4 point clamps, with removable claws are standard equipment.

  •  Bluetooth Transmission

  •  Quick Charge Supports

  •  19″ Color display

  •  8-CCD Sensor

  •  Wheeled Control Unit

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