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6 Reasons to Buy Rotary® Alignment Equipment.
Rotary Lift

6 Reasons to Buy Rotary® Alignment Equipment.


Looking for the perfect wheel alignment to give your auto repair customers the smoothest ride possible? Ask us about Rotary wheel alignment systems today!

Rotary R1065 Mobile Tablet Wheel Aligner

R1065 Rotary Wheel Aligner.jpg

The 1065 Wheel Alignment System offers total drive wireless capability. No minimum bay size required so this system is ready to fit in your shop. Take the alignment tablet with you as you make assessments, adjustments and collect the necessary data to get the job done from anywhere in the bay.

This system features:

  • Tablet Operated – (No “PC” Required)

  • Bluetooth Communication (No Cables)

  • 4 Sensors (2CCD Cameras Each)

  • Sensor Cart Charging Built-In

  • 4 Point Clamps

  • Long-Lasting Batteries

Rotary R1080Plus Wheel Alignment System

Rotary-R1080-Wheel Aligner.jpg

The R1080Plus can be used with any four post or scissor lift. Its portable aligner console provides the ultimate convenience because you can position it anywhere within the bay—which means you don’t need a dedicated bay to use the machine. And the Bluetooth transmission between the front measuring heads and the control unit maximizes workspace because of its lack of obstacles and obstructions.

  • No minimum distance in front of the lift

  • Fixed cameras and exclusive 3D targets

  • Self-centering three-point clamps

  • Automatic lift level compensation

  • Bluetooth communication

  • Can be used on multiple lifts

Rotary R1070 Pro CCD Wheel Alignment System

Rotary Wheel Aligner R1070.jpg

The 1070 wireless aligners is the total package when it comes to 3D wheel alignment. Simply access programs by selecting 5 command keys that guide the alignment tech through the step by step measuring process. It’s equipped with a powerful PC, an A4 printer and a robust mobile cabinet for attaching and charging the wheel clamps.

This 8-CCD sensor wheel alignment system uses infrared transmission among measuring heads and Bluetooth® communication between the front head and the control unit. Quickly enter vehicle information by model or VIN number and begin the process via a 3D animated workflow.

  •  Bluetooth Transmission

  •  Quick Charge Supports

  •  8-CCD Sensors

  •  Wheeled Control Unit

  •  Safe Print Documentation

  •  3D Graphic Animation Interface

Rotary R1090 Pro 3D Wheel Alignment System

R1090-New for website.jpg

Less of a learning curve to run our software, less space required for the machine in any bay, less total cost involved to start doing alignments yourself. The R1090 Pro 3D is your next alignment system. HIGH-PERFORMANCE SYSTEM WITH SOLID VISION TECHNOLOGY. Equipped with fixed cameras, tire grabbing clamps, and remote-controlled sensors. FAST AND EASY SETUP with Console or Tablet Operated System – Includes Android Tablet as a REMOTE indicator. Easy to follow alignment process with updated graphics that feature a time saving On Rack Test Drive Program.

  • Automatic positioning of the cameras

  • Automatic recognition of the targets

  • ADAS ready

  • Animated instructions

  • Easy to read results

  • Adjustment Illustrations

  • Live adjustments

  • Email or print alignment report

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