At Carl Turner Equipment we work with only the best. Cheap products don’t last and they aren’t good for productive shops. Save time and money and ask for the best in Rotary tire and wheel changers, aligners and balancers. 

Rotary R145DR Tiltback VSC Tire Changer


The R145DR is an automatic tire changer with an innovative electric motor inverter, which gives the ability to regulate the chucking table rotation speed to reduce the stress on the bead to avoid any damage to the tire. This tire machine is also equipped with the Fast Inflation (FI) configuration.

  •  FI Configuration (quick inflation for tubeless tires)

  •  220V power-driven motor

  •  Invemotor 0-16 Variable Speed Control

  •  Designed for Large and Wide Tires

  •  Shown with standard helper included

  •  Hand operated bead breaker handle

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