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Rotary Revolution -- All the lift at a price that supports your budget

Rotary Revolution -- All the lift at a price that supports your budget


Revolution has moved and now they offer so much more with Forward Lift, a sister Vehicle Service Group brand, with a history of hard-working, dependable lifts for any shop’s need. Forward thinkers look for a dependable, durable lift that’s inexpensive but still reliable for years to come.

Two-Post: Revolution Lift RTP9


Revolution Lift RTP9 is a 9,000 lbs. capacity symmetric 2 post lift. The RTP9 is one of the most popular automotive lifts we sell. It comes with a free set of truck adapters and all of the mounting hardware.

Two-Post: Revolution Lift RTP12


The Revolution Lift RTP12 is a commercial grade 12, 000 lbs. capacity 2 post lift. It comes with large rubber-padded swivel adapters with extra height extensions.

Four-Post: Revolution Lift RFP14


The RFP14 is a commercial grade, 14,000 lb capacity, four post lift that is perfect for any car and truck up to 14,000 lbs. The RFP14 incorporates a single point latch release system on its locks.

Two-Post: Revolution Lift RTP10


The Revolution Lift RTP10 is a commercial grade 10,000 lbs. capacity 2 post lift. The RTP10 allows a customer to lift a vehicle either symmetrically or asymmetrically. It comes with a free set of adapter extensions (mounting hardware optional).

Four-Post: Revolution Lift RFP9


The RFP9 is a powerful, 9,000 lb capacity, commercial grade, four post lift that is the perfect tool to help increase the amount of parking space without having to resort to costly construction. You can double your parking space instantly, by using the RFP9 parking lift in your shop or home.

Midrise: Revolution Lift RMR6


The RMR6 is a portable mid rise hydraulic lift with a weight capacity of 6,000 lbs. The RMR6 is an excellent choice for any body shop. It is also popular with customers that do not have the ceiling clearance for a two post car or truck lift, or prefer something portable. The RMR6 comes with a free set of truck adapters.

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